Welcome to the website for my new band project, The Wild Again. Special thanks to my mega-talented artist friend Lauren Crazybull for helping me set this up and lending some imagery ( 

We are nearing completion of the record with Jason Mingo mixing from Halifax. Since moving West from the East Coast I've been recording a lot at home, working remotely with Jason. We've been sending hundreds of files and notes back and forth. It's an interesting but tedious way to work, shipping parts and patches. Not long ago Kev Corbett shipped me a bass file from a hotel room in Ontario, and Jason Silverberg ( sent me some backing vocals from his bedroom in Texas. 

Sean Sonego has been engineering the Edmonton side of things and connecting me with some great musicians for all the horn and string parts. I've also been fortunate enough to have Marek Tyler drumming on some songs. We are heading to record some drums at the Audio Department on Monday for a new song called Elk Island Park. I met Marek through some mutual friends last New Year's. He's played with some stellar Vancouver artists and has just started a very cool band here in Edmonton called nêhiyawak. Check 'em out here  

Below is a preview track called Just You. I'm very grateful to my friend Meaghan Smith for lending her voice to many of the songs on the new project. Check it out. 



You can follow the Spotify link below and check out some of my back catalog. Homing & Beothuk Words have been added, as well as the Circadian Anthem EP which features my re-recording duet with Christina Martin on Comfortably Sweet, a song that was featured on CBC's Heartland (Season 4, Episode 1). Tired Light (2005), Wanderlust (2003), and a few dusty copies of In Theory (2001) may still be available on CD, but they are resting and aging gracefully next to the homemade wine in my Dad's basement in Newfoundland. 












"As a singer, he puts you in a place halfway to heaven, just behind the clouds and out of sight. Like all great albums, this one feels too short, like a love letter you wish had more paragraphs. Beothuk Words just whets my appetite for future releases from Bowers, who must now be considered in the ranks of excellent modern Canadian songwriters, with folks like John K. Samson of the Weakerthans." - Bob Mersereau CBC

"Bowers is an incredibly talented songwriter, creating emotions and characters detailed as chapters in a book. (Your Life as a Piano) gently swells as the band adds layer after layer, letting the song grow in front of us and live freely. Steven sounds almost like an East Coast version of Will Johnson, and in a fitting conclusion, the layers are slowly removed and the song completes the cycle before fading to black." -  

"...His detail and character are worthy of a novelist. An observation like “little merchants” selling lemonade “to an angry, angry world” from “The Boy Who Lost an Eye” shows an empathy that lends weight to everything else. The melancholy tone is lifted by the music, notably Bowers’ guitar, Dale Murray on pedal steel, Kim Dunn on keyboards and on “It Breaks You So,” Cathy Porter’s accordion. Homing tells us life is a struggle that’s worth it if you keep your eyes and ears open." - Doug Taylor, The Coast

"Beautiful, challenging melodies carried by, among other delicate piano sounds, heavily accentuated violins, a lone trumpet and Stevens separate, pinched and fragile voice that you love dearly or hate heartedly. Nine strong, intense, brooding compositions with unexpected tempo changes on the extinct Indian tribe in Newfoundland and the childhood memories of the singer-songwriter and his wife." - Alt Country Forum (Netherlands)"